SEO Audit

Is your website struggling to rank better in the search engines or getting crushed by the competition? Want to know what issues could be causing this? You’ve come to the right place!

We’re Brick Digital, a leading SEO agency in Hertfordshire, and our in-house SEO experts can help you figure out the issues with a detailed SEO Audit.

Why Apply For an SEO Audit?

An in-depth SEO audit should be the first step when you’re planning to launch a successful SEO campaign for your website. Performing an SEO audit means uncovering any potential issues that are impacting your website’s performance. By fixing these issues, you can gain better visibility in the search engines and rank higher for your target keywords.

Accurately assess your website with our in-depth bespoke SEO audit service. Using expert analysis and cutting-edge SEO checker tools, we can uncover the issues that are bogging down your website. Depending on their level of importance, we then highlight these issues and compile our findings into a simple, concise, and actionable SEO audit report that you can put to work right away.

What's Covered in an SEO Audit?

We manually test for 100+ factors, covering every single aspect of your website – including but not limited to:

        Full website code

        Technical configuration of the website

        Site architecture

        Content present on the website

        Keyword analysis

        Page load speed

        Existing backlinks

        Responsive design and mobile optimisation

        Visitor engagement

        User Experience Index

For an SEO audit report sample, contact us!

What’s Included in Our SEO Audit Service?

The SEO audit report

When you sign up for our SEO Audit Service, you will receive a comprehensive, hand-compiled, and actionable SEO audit report – written in plain English, without the technical jargon. It will include all the detailed analysis and commentary by our in-house SEO experts. The report highlights your website’s high priority issues and address all the areas where improvements can be made.

Free Consultation

We understand that a detailed SEO audit will not just uncover a lot of issues with your website, but also a lot of questions you’d want to ask us about the findings mentioned in the report. To ensure you’re fully aware of each of the issues that need fixing, we arrange for a consultation on a suitable date and time to address any questions you may have for us.

Why Brick Digital?

Even though we use a number of cutting-edge tools to complete a comprehensive site audit, our team’s decades of combined experience with SEO is the crucial element that truly makes all the difference. Most importantly, our prime focus remains on how best to help connect your brand with its target audience and grow your bottom line.

What’s Next?

Take the first step towards improving the performance of your website without any further delay! Why leave business on the table when our SEO team is here to help you?

To get an unbiased opinion on what’s working and not working for your website, get in touch with us today!


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