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Luton provides a supportive atmosphere for entrepreneurs in the UK to venture into various business verticals and industries, while reducing overheads in comparison to cities like London. With more businesses being set up and operated out of Luton, success stories are not that rare to find. Online marketing has a crucial role to play in these major success stories, and there’s a reason why top businesses in Luton want to establish a solid presence online.

Brick Digital is at the forefront of digital marketing and SEO in Luton. We are a UK-based SEO and Digital Marketing Agency. Our team of digital marketing experts makes use of some of the best tools and techniques in the digital marketing industry to grow the businesses of our clients.

Whether you want your website to rank higher in the local business search results, or simply want to bring in more leads and sales for your business, SEO can prove to be a useful digital marketing strategy! At Brick Digital, we help small and medium-sized businesses leverage the potential of SEO in Luton and grow leaps and bounds in just a few short months. We know how to attract the right segment of your target audience and have a reliable content marketing strategy in place to quickly convert them into buyers.

We ensure that all our clients’ websites show up at the top of the search results for their respective keywords. In order for this to happen, we utilise cutting edge SEO strategies, perform site audits, and launch link building all to ensure that the business is doing well online. 


We’re very privileged to have worked with some world-class businesses, here’s what they have to say about us:


Innovative digital marketing services that drive all the right results for your business

Brick Digital is a team of passionate digital marketers that specialise in marketing your business online. We strive to drive traffic, engagement and exceptional sales growth to your business.

Search Traffic
Website & Content
Paid Advertising
Organic Search Traffic
Local Search
Strategic Link Building
SEO Audits
On-site Optimisation
Search Engine Setups
We’re experts in bringing your business to the top of Google using natural SEO techniques that bring long-term lasting results. Our innovative methods are designed to gain maximum exposure and authority for your business on the search engines. Getting to the top of Google search results is not the hardest part, staying there is where the real expertise are required. Our Hertfordshire based SEO team work hard to deliver what we think is the best SEO services for businesses in and around the area. The SEO wizards at Brick Digital do more than just click buttons and flick switches, we graft and grind to create content that search engines like Google adore, and ensure that every inch of your site is optimised properly to talk fluently with Google and make sure that you appear every time your ideal customers are searching.
Want to be the go-to business for your products and services within your local area? Simple, make sure you're at the top of Google when people in your area are searching; not sure how to do that? That's where we come in. Appearing in the maps section at the top of Google searches is coveted position, and no wonder why, when you consider that 33% of all people will click on these positions. Our local SEO services in London, Hertfordshire, Watford, St Albans and more are designed to make you the #1 business in your area so that you never lose another customer to your competitors on search engines.
Links are one of the biggest factors that Google robots look at when they decide who to show at the top of their search results. But links are also the toughest part of any SEO campaign, because where do you even start when it comes to gaining links from other websites back to your website? Luckily at Brick Digital link building is really our specialty... We develop high-quality content for your website that makes other sites want to link to you, but we don't just stop there. We also develop relationships with other websites in your industry on your behalf, creating content for them like blog posts, videos, and infographics so that we don't just get a link from their site but your business also gets shown to their entire audience - A major win-win.
Just like an accountancy audit, sometimes things just don't line up... Maybe your rankings have dropped out of the sky (or down to page 5), you're struggling to rank higher, or you're looking for a new SEO approach, an SEO audit could be just what you need. As SEO experts with years in the game, we are able to analyse websites at hyper speed using not only our tools but also a bit of common sense and a marketing brain cell or two. Our audits are designed to strip back your online presence to its bare bones and discover how it could be optimised better to drive higher rankings, more traffic, and more sales.
We like to get stuck in on all our client projects. Which means we don't just stop at optimising your online presence with link building and content marketing, but we actually dig deep into the content and the structure of your actual website in order to optimise everything so that your site is squeaky clean and ready to rank. From content writing, internal link analysis, menu structure, and website architecture design, we do it all.
Having your website redesigned? STOP where you are... The best time to get your website ready to rank is during the redesign process, which is why offer SEO setup services that make sure when your new website goes live on the web it is ready to rocket up the search results and get more traffic. Search Engine Optimisation starts with solid foundations, and that's why we're happy to work with whoever is building your website in order to provide the right content writing, technical advice, and optimisation guidelines, that get you started on the right foot.
Website Design
Conversion Rate Optimisation
Landing Page Creation
Content Writing
Working closely with our partnering web design and development team, we can bring your business to life with a fresh new website that not only raises the appearance of your business, but is geared towards driving more traffic and converting more business from the get-go.
We don't only focus on driving more traffic to your website because it doesn't matter how many people get there. What matters is how many of those visitors become a new business inquiry and generate sales for you. Which is why our expert team in London, Hertfordshire, Watford and St Albans, will guide you through optimising your existing website or a new one, to ensure that you are converting as many of those visitors as possible.
Whether you already have an amazing website, or if you're not ready for an entire site redesign, our team will design and build flawless landing pages specifically for your promotions. Every landing page has a purpose and we build ours with one purpose only, to drive more conversions and get your more new business inquiries. Once you have conversion optimised landing pages, it's time to point traffic to them from paid advertising and Organic Search Traffic.
Marketing in the digital age is all about content (especially when it comes to SEO), and written content is the most important part of any business website. How are your potential customers supposed to make a decision on using your services if your content and messaging doesn't persuade them? Using our network of expert content writers from across the UK we create not only amazing content, but also great strategies, then pick the perfect writer for the job depending on their knowledge of your industry and the type of content we need to make your business shine.
Google Search Ads
Google Remarketing
Social Media Advertising
When it comes to search advertising, it makes sense to go with the biggest search engine of them all. Our expert Google Ads agency team take care of every part of your search advertising journey. From creating a strategy to only target the most relevant searchers to setting up your account and tracking conversions, to managing your Google search adverts constantly to ensure that you are always getting the best results possible.
Losing visitors is not nice. But it's the reality of all websites, not everyone who visits your site will convert into an inquiry or even a customers. But what happens to that 95% of people who never take an action on your site? With our intelligent Google Remarketing advertising we are able to turn those lost users into another potential opportunity by reaching them elsewhere on the internet through remarketing. We give you the chance to continue chasing these leads across the internet, and get a higher than normal conversion rate as they are already familiar with your brand. A win-win!
Social media is not only the home to hilarious cat memes and your favourite celebrities. It's also the home of ultra-targetted advertising opportunities for your business. At Brick Digital we love marketing businesses through paid social ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, because there is no better way to engage your users than in their virtual front room. Our experts in PPC work to create social media advertising campaigns that really drive meaningful results to your business marketing strategy.

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Choosing a new digital marketing agency to work closely with is always a tough decision for any business. If you’re looking for an agency you can trust and rely upon, it’s important to look at the previous work they have done with clients and to see how successful those businesses have become. At Brick Digital, we are sincere about this. But don’t just take our word for it, check out our portfolio!

We’re dedicated to not only to achieving our clients’ marketing goals and driving results but also to build a solid relationship with them. When it comes to doing SEO in Luton, our motto is to be transparent, easy to reach, and simple to understand. We don’t hide behind a bunch of jargon or technical metrics – we just believe in sharing the facts and the real numbers that matter – your bottom line.

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We’re a passionate and proven team of strategists, analysts, and designers. We use digital marketing to drive traffic, deliver leads and skyrocket sales.

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We’re a passionate and proven team of strategists, analysts, and designers. We use digital marketing to drive traffic, deliver leads and skyrocket sales.

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