About Brick Digital

Brick Digital is a different kind of digital marketing agency. We specialise in the things that make a real difference to your bottom line. Growing your online presence online is what we do best through SEO, Paid advertising and content marketing.


At Brick Digital we don’t use jargon, or hide behind numbers. We’re a real team of young marketers who pride ourselves on our client relationships. We understand that your marketing budget needs to yield results - not fluffy metrics or charts. Our SEO work has helped many of our clients more than triple their website traffic while scaling their lead generation through a full-service approach.

Our Why

Brick Digital exists to help businesses avoid wasting budgets on ineffective and out-of-the-box marketing solutions. Why’s that? Because we’ve been on the other end and we know how it feels.

Our Approach

We work closely with our clients to understand their business and industry before we present a solution. We like to know what makes your customer tick and where to find them so that we can ensure you’re always in the right place online.


Digital Marketing isn’t a one size fits all solution. So we don’t sell it as that. We’re specialists in Search Engine and Social media marketing, so that’s what we do. So if that’s not what‘s right for you business then we’ll help you find an agency that can help.

Who are we?

Brick Digital are the digital marketing agency that delivers growth for your business brick by brick.
In the past business growth meant investing in more bricks in the form of new stores, office expansions, print advertising and other heavy lifting.

But in the digital age there are a lot more ways to expand your business without the heavy lifting.
At Brick Digital we bring together skip loads of knowledge and strategies for online business growth that bring real results.

As a business owner or marketing director you’ve got enough on your plate so becoming an expert in all the online opportunities for growing your revenues isn’t an option. Which is where we come in.

Across all our services one thing stays the same. We start with a plan.A digital strategy.You wouldn’t start a new building project focusing on how the roof goes together, so why start a digital growth campaign by focusing on one tactic?

Our strategy first approach comes from experience; we like to get immersed in your business, discovering your goals and learning about your customers. This starts the process of crafting a plan for your online growth campaign.

Brick Digital was born out of the frustration caused by package internet marketing services that bring expectedly poor results and leave you feeling let down.We get fired up by growing businesses online; Brick by Brick.


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