eCommerce SEO

Search is transforming online shopping behaviour and the eCommerce landscape. As most modern consumers turn to search engines for shopping advice, it becomes ever more important for online retailers need to show up on the top of the search results and grab the attention of their potential customers.

Why Utilise eCommerce SEO for Your Online Store?

Maybe you already know that most users choose to stay on page one and not go near the second page of their search results on Google. Considering that the online world is filling up with new stores selling countless products every day, getting customers to your online shop can be a challenge – unless your online store is already ranking on page one with multiple product listings.

Whether your eCommerce store is an established brand or a new start-up, our expert eCommerce SEO services will help put your products right in front of your potential customers – the ones who are ready to buy and actively looking for shopping advice online. eCommerce SEO will help you attract new and profitable traffic to your online store with the goal to convert as many of these potential buyers into customers as possible.

Why Choose Brick Digital for eCommerce SEO?

We’re a focused and results-driven SEO agency in Hertfordshire. Our SEO team creates effective strategies which have a tangible impact on our clients’ businesses and their bottom line. We have been supporting eCommerce companies to attract targeted traffic to their online store while increasing sales and brand awareness. The unique approach we utilise in our work allows our clients to sell more products and achieve excellent results with their online store.With the help of our eCommerce SEO services, you can improve your products’ rankings in the search results, boost your store’s performance from an SEO perspective, and aim to achieve higher conversion rates. We will also analyse your competition and develop a strategy to help you dominate your niche market by systematically increasing the exposure your website gets in the search results for specific keywords.

What’s Included in eCommerce SEO?

An Unbiased SEO Audit

Our technical SEO specialists will look into every nook and cranny of your eCommerce website to uncover any problems that may exist. Don’t worry – we will fix them too!

Technical SEO

Work is required to improve your website’s on-site and off-site optimisation. In this step, we ensure that Google can understand the content and structure of your eCommerce store – which is the first step towards making it to the first page of search results.

Competition Analysis

Competition analysis is key to our research process when it comes to identifying business opportunities and determining the strengths and weaknesses of your eCommerce website.

Content Strategy

Through keyword discovery, we will create unique and informative content for the various product pages and category pages on your eCommerce website optimised for all the relevant short and long-tail keywords.

Outreach and Link Building

Our team of link building experts will launch an outreach campaign and tailor a link building strategy to your support the goals of your online business.

 For a complete eCommerce SEO checklist, contact us!

Why Brick Digital?

Even though we use a number of cutting-edge tools to complete a comprehensive site audit, our team’s decades of combined experience with SEO is the crucial element that truly makes all the difference. Most importantly, our prime focus remains on how best to help connect your brand with its target audience and grow your bottom line.

What’s Next?

If you have an eCommerce website and have been ignoring the potential of SEO so far, chances are – you’ve been leaving a lot of business on the table!

To take charge of SEO for your eCommerce website and learn more about how eCommerce SEO can help grow your online business, get in touch with us today!


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