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SEO Services for Web Designers

Our SEO setups for Web Designers are fast, affordable and get websites ready to rank in Google.

So, you’ve got a client who wants a new website? Let us take care of all the keyword research, meta data, site architecture, calls to action, content and reporting. Meanwhile, you can focus on Web Design – Saving you time, making you money and reducing your stress.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what our SEO setups include:

Keyword Research

We use our keyword research tools to find out exactly what your client’s customers are searching for, where and when. This allows us to plan out the Meta data, site structure and content to search engine drive traffic and conversions.

Meta Data

We will write out the Meta title, Meta description and Heading tags for all the necessary services pages, location pages and homepage to increase search engine rankings. This will often include a call to action that increases click through rates too.

Site Architecture

We outline a best practice site structure of user friendly URLs which provide clear and simple navigation while being highly indexable for search engines. This includes internal linking as well as header and footer navigation.

Calls to Action

While structuring the content of each page, we include calls to action such as Email, Phone and Contact Forms with key messages to help convert users into customers. So your web design will not only be search engine optimised and user friendly, it will drive sales as well.


We include up to 1700 words of unique written content for your web design. This is structured around Headings from our Keyword Research for both SEO and usability. It also includes internal links for easy navigation and internal anchor text to improve page rankings.


Give us access to Google Analytics (or we can set it up) so we can use Tag Manager and Data Studio to create a bespoke reporting dashboard. We will also track the top search terms rankings from our Keyword Research to measure the success of your new website.

Local Search

We will build and optimise a Google My Business listing for your client, complete with logo, description and industry tagging to get them ranking on Google Maps. The listing should also appear top right of the Google results when a user searches for their brand name.

Citation Links

To improve your client's rankings in local search on both Google and Google Maps, we will create a substantial number of citation links. These help Google to better understand the geo location of your client, their industry and the areas that they service.

How We Work with Web Designers

We give you all the SEO content and strategy for your website design to help it rank in Google and convert visitors into sales for your client. The client relationship is all yours. Our relationship is with you. Watch our 60sec video to learn more.

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SEO & Web Design Case Studies

Here are some case studies from when we’ve partnered with Web Designers to deliver the SEO set up for clients’ new websites. We did all the keyword research, wrote the Meta data, planned out the site structure, outlined the calls to action, created the content and set up all the conversion tracking and reporting. Then we organised and packaged it all up for them to implement.

Award winning film and video production
agency in Brighton. They create incredible
videos for the biggest brands in the world.

Makana Group design, manufacture, supply and fit Light Gauge Steel Frame Systems for a wide range of construction projects.
A unique floral and home fragrance family run business, steeped in English heritage and based in the heart of London.

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