How Do I Add My Business to Google Maps?

In this post, I’ll be answering a question that I’m sure all people involved in search marketing get asked at least once a week: ‘How do I get my business in Google Maps?’

The first thing I always say is, do you have a Google My Business listing? And that’s usually met by a confused face. So read on to learn more about Google Business listings, how to set one up, and how to get more business from it!

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business in its raw form is a product from Google that allows you to create a FREE listing for your business that will be displayed when people search on Google.

These listings are the most popular way of getting more phone calls for businesses because they:

  1. Show up when people in your area are searching for your services
  2. Let you display your phone number to people who need your services
  3. Are a 100% free way of getting more exposure for your business

Regardless of who you are or what device you use to search, there’s no doubt that you’ve come across Google My Business listings before. They show up nearly every time you search for a service, with a map above them plotting out the businesses close to you who do what you searched for.

And in an ideal world, It will show your business!

Below is a great example of how your Google My Business listing could look when people search for your business online:

business on google maps

Above the Google Business listings you’ll usually get 1 or 2 Adverts shown, but if the search is for something that Google knows is only useful to you in your area then it will show Google Business listings before anything else.

Which is why Google My Business is the go-to for local and even national businesses who want to get more customers online.

Google Business pages aren’t only shown in the search results though. Once you’ve created a Google Business listing, it will also add you to Google Maps.

This allows people in your area to discover which other businesses are close to them by plotting your company name on Google maps and featuring your contact details in clear site of a potential customer.

google maps business listing

So if you’ve been asking yourself ‘What is a Google My Business listing?’, then hopefully you’re clear now ready to create one for your business…

How to set up a Google Business Page

Now that you fully understand how useful a Google Business listing can be, let’s go through some of the keys to setting yours up properly. Just like anything, it’s worthwhile getting the set up right on the first time to stand the best of chance of being found and getting more customers.

It should only take around an hour to set up a Google Business Page, and a few days to verify your business by post (See the Google Tutorial below). The actual set up process is straightforward to follow on the Google tutorial here

Once you have the basic information entered and your listing is set up, it’s time to make sure your Business page not only gets found but also stands out from the rest.

Images and Photos

Click ‘Photos’ from your Google My Business account.

google business listing images

Then go-ahead uploading all of the images that are available including a well-designed cover photo, your logo, photos of your shop and if you’re not a physical business then upload images of your recent work/products.

The more images you have the easier it is for customers to understand if you do what they’re looking for and also to trust your business.

Photos are regularly neglected by business owners in their Google page, and Google loves to see photos. Which is why you need to include as many as possible.

Business Information and Descriptions

Click ‘Info’ from your Google My Business account.

Just like photos, this is where a lot of other businesses lack. Simply including your basic business information, like name, location, opening areas, and contact details, just isn’t good enough.

adding google business description

Make sure that you include a complete business description, utilising as many of the 750 characters Google gives you. Within this description, you should have a short introduction to your business along with mentions of your services.

Explain your services using the keywords that customers are likely to search for. By including these words/product names in your description it helps tell Google when it should show your business page below the maps.

Get Reviews on your Business Page

If you’re reading this post right now wanting to find out how to get your business on Google Maps then you’ve already got at least 1 customer for your business.

Now that you have your Google Business page set up, it’s time to ask your previous or existing customers to leave you a kind review on Google.

Simply Google your business name and it will now show your Google Business listing. Scroll down and click ‘Write a Review’. Then copy the URL (Web address) and send it to your customers asking them to leave a review of your business.

reviews for google business listing

The more Google reviews you gather, the more likely Google is to show your business page to people in your area. Which all adds to more business!

How to get more phone calls from Google Business listings

A Google Business listing is only useful if people can actually find it. Which means, if you’re not appearing as one of the top 3 listings below the maps then it’s unlikely you’re going to get any new inquiries.“if you’re not appearing in the top 3 places – then you’re not getting new inquiries.”

To get into the top 3 positions there are hundreds of factors that Google considers before placing you above your competition; Including, how many local directories mention you, where you have used your address on your website, and even how well your actual website is optimised.

If you’re in an area with low competition for your services, then by simply following the tips above you might just see yourself coming out on top in the maps.

But considering how many new inquiries you could get by being at the top of Google maps, is it really worth leaving it up to chance?

At Brick Digital we specialise in Local SEO, which is another way of saying ‘we make sure you get found on Google when people in your areas are searching for what you sell’.

This includes Google Business listing optimisation, ensuring that you are always on top when potential customers search.

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