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Getting visitors to your website is one thing but making sure they have an engaging experience is key to getting conversions.

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At Brick we believe in doing things the right way

So not back to front, but brick by brick.

We can work with you to project manage your new web project putting the right framework in place so that your newly launched website soars in comparison to your rivals. Our extensive experience and knowledge allow us to provide our crack team of web development experts and project managers to ensure success, right from the start.

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From the ground up

When we talk about SEO the main search engine in mind is the big G. But with Google’s 3.5 billion daily searches out of the way, it’s worth remembering that 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine. That could be Google, Bing, or YouTube.

But even with 1000 potential customers finding your website each day, it could be useless if the design is not prepared to convert them into customers. Which is why we always start every campaign with a close look at your website, and if need be we will offer a website redesign in order to bring your online presence into the modern era.

Our Website Design Process
Let's Talk
Content & Optimisation
Review & Finalise
Hosting & Launching
We want to know more about you as a business, and as an individual. What are your goals, what are the values of your business and who do you serve? By getting under the skin of your business and most importantly your brand we can begin to craft an expert design that not only represents your business in the best light but also drive conversions and sales!
Every great project starts with research, and that's even more important in the world of digital marketing. Our team in Hertfordshire will begin by researching your competition and your industry to understand how other companies are crafting their messages and converting users. Alongside this, we will conduct in-depth keyword research to uncover keywords that we can use within your site in order to help it rank higher in search engines when it goes live.
Now we get to designing. Our expert creative designers based in Hertfordshire will take all of our research and information about your business and begin to craft the amazing drafts of your website design. We like to give you some options so we strive to deliver more than one original design concept so that you can narrow down the options and have an input in the design phase. All the time we're designing, our project manager will be overlooking the design to ensure that the user experience is at the forefront of the design to drive higher conversion rates.
Before anything, at Brick Digital we are a specialist search marketing agency. Therefore, whenever we build new websites we instil search engine optimisation in everything we do, so that even if you don't wish to use our SEO services in future, your website will begin ranking in Google from the moment it launches. All online marketing needs a solid foundation, and that's what we do by writing your website copy, selecting your imagery and making content that amazes your audiences and the search engines.
We communicate with you throughout the project to both keep you update, and make sure that the end results is exactly what you want. But even after all this, we know there will still be some smaller parts that you may want to adjust. This is when we show you the final draft of the website and allow you to suggest revisions before the site goes live.
We wouldn't be a real digital marketing agency without a reliable partner who we can host your website with. We only use trusted servers to host your websites, from providers who guarantee security and most importantly, lighting fast loading speeds.Once your site is hosted and ready to go live, we will tackle the final technical bits so that you are completely hands-off and free to appreciate the launch of your epic new website!


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