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Harnessing the power of social media advertising places your brand at the forefront of your industry while communicating with and converting new existing customers. It’s a powerful tool that can drive your business growth and generate measurable results – especially with an expertly designed campaign.

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At Brick we believe in doing things the right way

So not back to front, but brick by brick. And that goes for our approach to social media advertising too. 

We help businesses like yours deliver their offers and messages to their perfect target customers across social networks like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. From creating stunning content to send out to your audience, to digging deep researching where your customers hang out online, we really care about giving you the best chance to shine with social media advertising.

What is Social Media Advertising?

Unlike search advertising and SEO, social media advertising allows you to put your videos, images and posts infront of potential customers through their social network feeds.

Pay Per Click
Similarly to search advertising, most social media advertising is charged per click. So you're only paying for advertising when people take an interest in your ad and click through to take an action.
Highly targetted
Thanks to all the data social networks collect on their users, as a social media agency in Hertfordshire we're able to create highly targeted ads and show them only to specific audiences that we think will be interested in your business.

Growing Businesses with Social Media Advertising & Brick

Unlike traditional ‘organic’ social media posting, social advertising allows you to choose how many people and what kinds of people will see your content.

This is why social media paid advertising is so powerful. Our experts in social media work hard to learn about your business goals and offerings. Then we take that information and craft a cunning advert plan, content for the adverts and a target for the campaign.

We know that advertising isn’t always about getting more sales, sometimes you may want to highlight an event you’re running, or maybe you just want to grow your audience online. Whatever the aim, the Brick team can help.

We’ve run social media ads for online retail businesses to make sales, local service businesses to book appointments, and even for non-profit jobs fairs to drive ticket bookings. Get in contact today to see how we can help grow your business on the socials!

getting results

With Social Media Adverts

Instagram Ads
Remarketing Ads
Lead Generation Ads
Engagement Ads
Using Facebook's intelligent tracking tools we can locate your customers and previous website visitors on their Facebook feed and show them tailored adverts depending on what they were looking for on your site. Facebook remarketing is a powerful tool as the audience we advertise to has already been exposed to your brand so they are more likely to take action on your adverts than cold users. When paired with other forms of traffic driven marketing like Google Ads or organic SEO traffic, Facebook remarketing is highly effective in securing you more customers and driving your conversion rates up by bringing users who left your site, back to it from Facebook.
Facebook lead generation adverts are one of Facebooks most important tools for small businesses. We use lead generation ads to gather new business leads for you by running a seamless advert that appears in potential clients newsfeeds, that they can fill in with one click using their Facebook information and send it straight to you if they're interested in the offer. These ads are highly effective as they don't require users to leave Facebook, therefore driving a higher conversion rate and lower cost per lead for your business.
Looking to promote a new product or service, maybe you're running an event or an exclusive competition? We craft excellent content to promote your new offerings, whether that's as a video or graphic, then we identify your audience and set up your adverts to show only to these specific people. Which means you are only paying to promote to the best fit for your event or product, and you can trust that our team is creating the best content to show this audience.
Story Ads
Remarketing Ads
Instagram stories are the most engaging forms of content on Instagram and are the perfect place to advertise your small business services as they are a much more intimate way to reach your audience than general feed ads. We help you, our clients, craft an effective Instagram story advert strategy so that you're not only putting out the right messages but also, only to the right audiences. We can even create all of the images, videos and content for your Instagram adverts.
Just like Facebook, Instagram holds powerful marketing tools that allow us as a social media agency in Hertfordshire to reach out to previous customers and website visitors and feed them new content from your business. Our Instagram remarketing services are designed to give you a hands-off approach to marketing on the world's most engaging social media platform so that you can drive results from new and existing customers.


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