Preen and Purr

A 59% cost per click decrease & 65% Click Through Rate increase

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The Project

Preen & Purr are a small Mobile Cat Grooming business serving Bristol and the surrounding areas. Our Google Ads optimisation service helped achieve a major decrease in the amount they paid-per-click, and boosted the amount of people clicking their ads by 65%.


Preen & Purr came to us looking for a cost-effective solution to optimising their Google Ad spend. They had been using Google Ads successfully for a year but knew that their money was not being utilised to it’s full effect. They needed a hands-off way of improving their account in order to bring in more leads for new business, without dramatically increasing their advertising spend.


The original Preen & Purr Google Ads campaign had been set-up by Google salesmen themselves, which meant that the account was not properly optimised to save money in areas that a small business needed it to. For example, high-purchase intent keywords, and detailed location targetting.


After deconstructing the original campaign and identifying the areas in which the adverts were not performing we got to work rebuilding the campaign. Starting by redefining the specific areas Preen & Purr service their customers in. Then bidding slightly more for clicks from people who were closer by, as these results would be more profitable to them.
We then also re-wrote some ads to be more relevant to what people were searching for, and defined the keywords that we did not want their ads to appear for. Along with other technical changes we were able to achieve some great results, delivering them more customers at a lower cost!

The Results


Decrease in the average cost per click


Increase in click through rate

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