58% Revenue Increase & 690% ROI

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The Project is a new, online only retailer of automotive fans and blower units. We helped them by creating a full Google Adwords strategy resulting in a 58 Month-on-Month increase in revenue plus a 690% return on investment.


Malpas Airflow were looking to follow the success of their existing ecommerce site in a similar industry, but they had not explored paid advertising before so were unsure of how to get started. Due to their success in the organic search results, they were seeking a large return on their investment to make paid advertising viable.


The Malpas Airflow range is extensive and features many different categories of products, catering to varying audience profiles. We worked closely with their team to learn deep information about the industry, customer demographics, and the brand loyalty within the market. With this information we were able to create a strategy for their campaign that would best suit their needs.


Paid Advertising – Following this research we lay out a plan to focus on their most profitable product category to ensure the campaigns would return a positive ROI. As Malpas Airflow sell fitment specific automotive parts we created both text and shopping ad campaigns to address buyers in both the research and purchase intent stages of their journey.
Google Shopping ads were the best option to produce the near term return that the team. The text search campaigns were also selected due to the strong brand loyalty within the customer base. By securing Malpas Airflow at the top of text search results we were able to position them as the go-to retailer for this brand of product, even up against large competitors like eBay.

The Results


Increase in revenue, month-by-month


Return on ad spend

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