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Not sure if you should invest in search marketing?

With just a few simple details our team can calculate how much your business can expect to gain from SEO and PPC marketing, based on how many people are searching for your products and services.

ROI Calculator

Here's why we're offering it

Sometimes as a business owner it can be overwhelming with all of the digital marketing opportunities out there, along with companies promising that their approach will revolutionise your business!

And we know that SEO and PPC marketing is usually one of those opportunities that appeal to most businesses. However, we also know that search marketing (SEO and PPC) isn’t the perfect fit for every business.

Which is why we’re offering to help business owners work out if search marketing is worth it for them…

When you fill out your details in our ROI (Return On Investment) calculator we will send you a report that shows how much potential revenue you could generate through search marketing.

How Does It Work?

Scroll through the steps on the right to find out how the ROI Calculation works >

Step 1
Fill in the form below with your website address, email address, and the average customer lifetime value.
Step 2
We receive your details and begin doing keyword research to find out what people search online to find your products or services. And also how many times these keywords are searched each month.
Step 3
Once we know how many potential customers could visit your site per month, we divide this by the average conversion rate to discover how many new customers you could gain per month from search marketing.
Step 4
Then we multiply the number of new customers by the average lifetime value you gave us and come up with the final revenue figure you could expect to generate with search marketing.
Step 5
Finally, we'll send you a report outlining all of this along with our search marketing campaign fees so that you can see the return to expect from your investment with Brick Digital.
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Who will you be speaking to?

When you book a call and start your free audit, our director and strategist Lorenzo Luiso will start analysing your website and online presence.

Then at the scheduled time of our call, Lorenzo will call you via Zoom and share his screen so that you can follow as he walks you through his audit and your areas for improvement.

Watch Lorenzo on the Marketing Simplified podcast discussing local search marketing…

Every Business

Who's this for?

This offer is open to any business who has a website and has been trading for over 2 years.

Whether you’re the business owner looking to grow, the marketing manager trying to pick up new ideas, or an assistant who wants some free tips they can suggest in the next team meeting.
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