Junk Hunters

Over 100% Increase in organic traffic & a ranking resurrection.

Brick Digital

The Project

Junk Hunters are a fast growing rubbish removal service that began life in London and has since began franchising across the country. Brick Digital helped them regain their organic search traffic and aid the growth of their franchises with SEO.


Junk Hunters had worked with SEO agencies in the past before they rebranded, changed domains, and began franchising. But since their domain change they had seen their organic traffic drop off significantly over a period of months. As Junk Hunters and it’s franchisees relied heavily on organic traffic to drive their bookings, they needed a team of experts who could help them climb back up the Google rankings.


As Junk Hunters has previously ranked well but had lost their rankings and their traffic due to a number of reasons, our solution had to begin with a lot of research into the technical optimisation of the site and analyse why the site had previously ranked well and why this had changed. Using our experience and professional tools we tracked their site history back to before their domain name changed and audited their current site to prepare it for the changes we needed to make.


Technical & On-site SEO – Using our audit we began to improve the technical aspects of the website which were holding back it’s ability to rank highly in Google, these included the Meta information and site structure which were not properly communicating to Google what the site aimed to rank for. Whilst improving the site structure we also noted that their competitors were utilising much deeper content to outrank Junk Hunters, therefore we initiated a site wide content build to bring more relevancy to the site.
Link Building & Content Marketing – Once the site itself had been optimised and fixed in terms of it’s technical SEO issues, we began our ongoing link building campaign in order to drive new links and increase the domain authority of the new domain name. As Junk Hunters are in a very competitive industry on Google, we focussed on gaining high-quality backlinks that were relevant to their site from other websites that were based in London. To execute on this we created a dedicated infographic and press release, bringing to life London’s Scariest Recycling Facts. This was then sent out to a number of websites and continues to be featured and linked to from other London related websites on an ongoing basis.

The Results


Increase in organic search impressions


Increase in clicks from organic searches


Keywords on the first page of Google


Increase in phone calls from their Google Business Listing

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