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3600% increase in organic traffic

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The Project

The results from this short campaign were fast and highly effective. Heavenly Tours new website climbed through the search rankings at a fast pace, outranking other industry websites that had existed far longer. Following the first 3 months of the campaign Heavenly Tours saw organic traffic grow by 70% month on month, with their main value keywords all reaching page 1 of Google. Impressions within google search results grew to over 38,000 per month from a standing start only 9 months previously.


Heavenly Tours approached us with the challenge of driving organic traffic to their new website within the Cannabis industry in Spain. Due to Google restrictions on advertising within the UK for Cannabis related products, SEO was proposed in order to reach people who were searching for their services from the UK.


Due to this being a new website with a domain name that did not have much authority attached to it, it required a very unique approach to it’s SEO that would drive faster results than usual as the website was currently not generating any new business. We proposed a content led SEO approach, that would not only drive them further up the Google search results, but would also gain brand exposure so that new users would trust a site in an industry that is sometimes taboo.


On-site SEO – The first step was to develop unique, and informative content for the website that would better describe what the services were, whilst also answering common customer questions. This two-pronged approach helped to expand the number of keywords that the site ranked for while better communicating to Google what keywords it should rank for on each page. It also helped drive better quality traffic to the site as potential customers were searching for answers to their questions before making purchases, and this content helped the site become an authority in answering these questions.
Link Building for SEO – As with any campaign we build, after the solid foundation of SEO has been laid we can get to work with the link building phase. As this was in a very niche industry we were aware that link building would require a different approach to usual campaigns. We started out by researching hundreds of blogs, and other cannabis related websites that could link to our clients sites and drive authority to it in the eyes of Google. Equipped with this list, we developed a range of content pieces that would appeal to each website and negotiated with the website owners. We noticed that searchers who were interested in Heavenly Tours services always did research before making a purchase, therefore we ensured that all of our link building came by contributing useful and informative content to other cannabis websites. Using this tactic meant that not only did the Heavenly Tours website climb in Google search rankings, but they were also gaining exposure to new audiences which trusted them.

The Results


Increase in organic traffic


In organic impressions

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