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Approaching your business growth online with a complete strategy helps you invest your marketing budget wisely with advice from the experts. Along with an effective roll out of your strategy.

Strategy with BRICK

At Brick we believe in doing things the right way

As a young team of digital experts we’ve seen a lot of digital marketing over the years. Some done well, some not so well. Which is why we at Brick like to work with ambitious businesses who are ready to dominate their industry using a cross-platform, all angle digital marketing strategy.

Building out digital strategies for businesses and brands is where we thrive, bringing to the table years of experience but most importantly innovative approaches that keep you ahead of the rest.

what's involved?

With a full strategy

So it all sounds good when we write about it but what does a full digital strategy actually mean for your business – and what’s involved?

Full Digital Strategy
Discovery & Analysis
Online Authority
Content Strategy
Social Media
Building Your Strategy
Finding out where you are and where you want to be is crucial to developing a forward-thinking strategy. We work closely with you to identify your goals and how they can be achieved using your online presence.Maybe you already use paid search but haven't explored how you could do more with these users through remarketing. This is where we can discover your online blind spots.
Being present online nowadays requires more than just a website. We help you look beyond your website and focus efforts on other marketing techniques that will grow your authority throughout the internet.Due to the low entry cost of building a website, people are less likely to trust a business that doesn't appear anywhere but on their website. This is where we come in, positioning your business as an authority within your industry.
The internet is all about content. Content is what drives nearly all of the algorithms used by the likes of Google, Facebook and more. So if you aren't putting out the right type of content then you'll struggle to gain a leg-up over your competitors online.We work with your internal staff or handle for you, all of your content creation and distribution in line with a long-term content strategy that's aligned with your brand throughout.
As we mentioned, social platforms are driven by content. But before you get to that you need to establish your social media strategy. Starting with which platforms are right for your business and your customers.We thrive on bringing out the voice of your business on social media and build out plans for your future growth including the type of content you should be producing.
Having different strategies across your platforms only leads to confused customers and less business. But by being consistent with your messaging, utilising cross-platform promotional tools like re-marketing on Google Ads or Facebook, we can help you to dominate your industry online.Moving forward your strategy will drive your business growth as the world of consumers turns even more towards the internet to find it's next supplier.


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