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The Project

Amazing Support are an established IT Support provider, helping businesses across London, the South East, and Manchester stay on top of their IT systems. Brick Digital helped them to achieve 'the quality and quantity of leads they had dreamed of'.


Amazing Support had been investing in SEO for over 5 years previously but had seen a sharp decrease in their organic traffic since Google updated the search algorithm. As a result they had also lost nearly all of their online inquiry pipeline.
Amazing Support approached us to help bring back their previous success in Google rankings and future-proof their business so that they could continue to develop online.


Because Amazing Support had previously ranked highly for competitive keywords and locations we knew that this drop was caused by low-quality SEO work from the past. This meant that our approach would first need to address, undo, and improve the current state of their online presence, and then continue to optimise their website with the aim of regaining their previous rankings plus more.


Technical & On-site SEO – Following a comprehensive SEO audit, we started out by rectifying technical issues with the website which were causing it to seem as low quality int he eyes of Google. This included de-indexing hundreds of pages which held little to no content or relevance. Following this we created a content plan for the entire site that would not only help Google understand what they wanted to rank for, but also helped users to get to know, like and trust Amazing Support as IT support providers.

Conversion & SEO Focussed Web Design – As the Amazing Support website had not been redesigned in over 3 years we suggested a new site be built which put user experience at the forefront, as this would eventually aid their SEO efforts. The new website includes vast amounts of new content in the form of videos, text, and useful tools.
Link Building & Digital PR – After the technical side of their online presence was in line with best practices we began a process of increasing the authority of the website in the eyes of Google by building relevant backlinks to their site. A part of improving this authority meant also removing link that had been built in the past that were causing the site to appear as spam to Google.
Once we’d built a solid foundation we launched a Digital PR campaign to share knowledge and expertise around IT solutions with online publications that were focussed on the industries of Amazing Supports clients. This included creating and publishing articles on well known publications in the HR & Recruitment, Events, and Legal spaces. All this lead to Amazing Support gaining masses of authority and drove them higher in the Google Rankings.

The Results


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in organic search impressions


Locations nationwide where they rank at the top of Google


Increase in inbound inquiries through organic traffic

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